Sep 4, 2013

FIT faculty member Dr. Ismael Ateya co-authors in IT Journal

E-learning is becoming inevitably relevant both in training the workforce and educational support. Its benefits have been discussed in different perspectives and exponentially proliferated for many years. In the area of pedagogical perspective of e-learning, Mr. Melvin Ballera contributed a number of publications which includes “Personalizing and Improving E-learning System using Roulette Wheel Selection Algorithm, Reinforcement Learning and Case-Base Reasoning Approach” This paper appeared in the Proceedings of 4th International Conference in E-learning at Czech Republic, July 8-10, 2013, pp. 184-193 co-authored with Dr. Ismail Ateya Lukandu and Dr. Abdalla Radwan.


In the article, the ever-increasing practice of using e-learning in educational institutions shows that most of the applications performed poorly in motivating students to learn for many reasons. Online educational materials make learning a task-driven process but can be improved by providing a personalized topic sequencing that match the learner’s ability, background and prior knowledge. By improving, optimal teaching operation in e-learning system can be achieved by bringing the learner closest to the ultimate learning goal. This can be achieved by employing evolutionary technique; roulette wheel algorithm (RWA), reinforcement learning (RL) and case-based reasoning (CBR) approach. This paper makes three critical contributions in e-learning development and implementations: (1) it presents a personalized topic sequence using the roulette wheel selection algorithms; (2) provides reinforcement learning through practice and mastery learning and; (3) illustrates case-based reasoning approach in retrieving and storing cases for further use and profiling students.


Mr. Ballera has been very active in e-learning research and development focusing on instructional design, collaborative learning process and e-learning agent as evident in his numerous papers both in international conference proceedings and journal publications. He recently published a paper in the journal of World Academy of Science and Engineering Technology entitled “Collaborative e-Learning with Multiple Imaginary co-Learner: Design Issues and Implementation” at Zurich Switzerland. He also presented a paper on “New E-Learning Strategy Paradigm: A Multidisciplinary Approach to Enhance Learning Delivery” in March 25-27, 2013 at Kingdom of Kuwait.


Currently, Mr. Ballera is working on  Ph.D. research entitled “Roulette Wheel Selection Algorithm (RWSA) and Reinforcement Learning (RL) for Personalizing and Improving E-learning Systemunder the supervision of Dr. Ismail Ateya Lukandu, Research Director, Faculty of Information Technology and Dr. Abdalla Radwan, of the Department of Computer Science, Faculty of Science, Sirte University, Libya. The 4th International Conference of E-Learning (ICEL2013) was sponsored by the Society of Digital Information and Wireless Communication that promotes science and technology in digital technology.


The conference was held in Technical University of Ostrava - Czech Republic focusing on multidisciplinary field which include, pedagogy, assessment design, strategies in e-learning, m-learning, ICT infrastructure and many others with ISBN 978-09853483-9-7. The paper was published and available online in SDIWC Digital Library,

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